Sworn/Certified Translations

Is a sworn translation necessary?

If you need a legal translation of an official document and you need to submit it to an official authority, you will need a sworn translation.

What is a legal translation?

In the Netherlands only a sworn translator can certify translations.

What does a sworn translation look like?

  • The layout of the source text is the same as far as possible
  • Each page of the source text and the translation is stamped with the translator's stamp;
  • Each page of the source text and the translation is initialed with the translator's initials;
  • The translation is delivered together with the signed declaration of the translator. The declaration states that the sworn translator has translated the text to the best of her knowledge and belief; the sworn translator is registered in the official Dutch Register for Sworn Translators and Interpreters, and that the translation is complete and accurate.

What are the costs of a sworn translation?

For info about the costs, please download the price list.

Download the price list

Send the download link to:

Which documents require a sworn translation?

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Will
  • Driving license
  • Certificate of Good Conduct
  • Diploma, list of marks
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Notarial Deed
  • Chamber of Commerce extract
  • Articles of Association
  • Etc.

Arranging a sworn translation, is pretty straightforward. Once you have sent me your document by email or postal services, I will translate the document and make sure the translation meets all the sworn translation requirements.

beëdigd vertaler mr. M.C. Donkersloot

I offer full sworn translations at an affordable price, starting at just €80!