Are you sure your translation is correct?

DeepL, ChatGPT, AI: Did you use AI, ChatGPT or another automatic translation tool? Did you know that you might run the risk that your legal translation contains flaws, which could have serious legal consequences.

Quality: Are you wondering whether your translation meets your expectations with regard to quality? Make sure you have your translation checked by a translation expert. You are given an expert language opinion with regards to the quality of your translation. Based on the outcome, you can opt for revision of your translation to have it customized to your quality expectations..

Plain language: I will check your text on plain language, in order to be sure your target audience understands your message. privacy notices it is legally required to use plain language.

What are the possibilities?

Machine Translation Post-editing

Quality Assurance

Plain Language Check

I offer a language check at an affordable price, starting at just €249.95!

Should you have questions about this service, please feel free to contact me to discuss what I can do for you.